Polly’s Design to Life

Polly was one of our rainbow cake competition winners. We took Polly’s cake design and turned it into two REAL cakes!

“This is a Grace’s Bakery inspired cake with colourful layers. I would love to dedicate this cake to my local residential home, Blackwater Mill. They are all so friendly there and will be feeling very isolated. This cake will cheer up all of the staff and residents”
Polly, 10 years old.

Polly designed a beautiful drip icing cake inspired by popular products sold by Grace’s Bakery to donate to her local residential home, Blackwater Mill. It was a pleasure bringing this design to life and including a little touch of Grace’s in it too.

Here’s how we did it…

The Finished Cakes!

After hours of hard work, we managed to create two identical cakes from Polly's winning design!

Delivering the cake to Blackwater Mill!

Time to deliver a surprise cake!

Delivering the cake to Polly!

We had our fingers crossed that we made the designer proud!

Rainbow Cake Competition

We asked our customers to think of someone they would like to say a big thank you to or someone they’ve been missing during lockdown. We then challenged them to design a big cake for them and we would choose our favourite to turn into a REAL one!

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